Publications:  Metal Working and Machining

Here are links to Dick's technology articles plus Tales from the Shop Floor. Most of the articles were written for the  Home Metal Shop Club's  monthly Journal. Dick has been the  Editor, Webmaster, and Secretary  "off and on" for many years.

Close Enough Gear Cutting
Close Enough Metric Threading
Drawer Glide Repair
The Trouble with ER Collets
Accurate Lathe Compound Angle
AC CHeckup
A Key Dilemma
Carbide Insert Parting Tool
Drill Bit and Tap Guides
Welding Cables
The Agony of Frugality
Pedestal Spot Welder
Wobbly Fan
Metal-Working Table
Keyway for Tapered Pulley
Bending an Arc
Geneva Mechanism
Large Radius Gage
Ferrous Sheet Separation
Magnets Everwhere
Indexable Shaft Coupling
Simple Soldering Station
LED Lamp Electrical Noise
Tailstock Depth Stop
Push Button Cover for Power Feed
The O-Ring"s Other Side
Imperial Lathe Threading Dials
Misaligned Roll Pin
DRO Seal Replacement
Swing Out Drill Case
Bearing in Mind
Petite Indicator Holder for Lathe
New Life for an Old Saw
Magnetic Third Hand
Lathe T- Handle Support
The A and 4L Belt Mystery
Tap H-Number
Sander Swing Table
Managing End Mills
Drill and Tap Fixture
Lathe Swarf Tray
Rules and Scales
Fitting a Shaft to a Bearing
Mini Cut-Off Abrasive Saw
Spindle Laser Locator
Simple Rotary 3-Phase Converter
About Drill Rods
Set Over Taper Turning
Heat Shrinking
Bolting Blindly
Strutting Around
About Helical Torsion Springs
Thread Verifier
Magnets on a Hydraulic Press
Knurled-Grooved Drive Roller
Compact Radial Bender
Making a Hex Hole
Drill Press Toggle Clamp
Maqgnetic Stamp Holder
Dremel Toolpost Holder
Self Holding Tapers
In Memoriam of Ed Gladkowski
Metric Drill Gage
Micro End Mill Attachment
Zero Flute Countersink & Chamfering Bits
Straight-Tooth Sharpening Fixture
Air Operated Lathe Cut-Off Saw
Too Many Pliers
Tailstock for Spin Indexer
Epoxy Tube Caps
Shop Roll Dispenser
Improvements in Wheelbarrow Technology
KILL A WATT ® Meter on 240V
Power Needed to Remove Metal in a Lathe
Milling Machine Right Angle Adapter
Quantifying a Leak
Chisel Fixture for Surface Grinder
T-Sloted Tilt Table
Unconventional Drill Press Vise
Flank Clearance, Helix Angle, and Threading
Threading B-Type Insert Tool Holder
Coating Steel by Parkerizing
Lathe Tailstock Dog
Adjustable Sweep Fly Cutter with R8 Shank
Tool Height and Threading Bit Positioner
B-Style Insert Tool Holder
Determining the Pressure Angle of Spur Gears
Indexable Insert ANSI Identifiers
Boring Problems
Height Adjuster for a H-Frame Press
Quick In&Out Drilling Actuator
Vertical-Plane Ball Turner
That Ol' Differential Screw Clamp
Transposing Gears for Metric Threading
Enhanced Arbor Press
Leveraged Spring
AWG vs. dB
That's got nothing to do with it!
Recollections of a Vapor Degreaser (part 2 of 2)
Recollections of a Vapor Degreaser (part 1 of 2)
Keyway Cutting by Hand
Formula for Major Diameter of Numbered Screws
Measuring Tapers
Checking Out a Junk 3-Phase Motor
A Bit About Lathe Bits
Oil Can Ballast
Rotary Table-to-Lathe Chuck Adapter
Measuring Density on the Cheap
Determining the Bolt Circle from a Chord
Demise of the Local Parts House
Taper Tooling Tailstock Holder
Static Balancing of Grinding Wheels
Shop Air Shut Off
Truing Those Tired Old Chuck Jaws
Disassembling a 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck
Using R8 Collets in a 4C Lathe Spindle
Magnetic Lathe indicator holder
Make Your Own Hex Drivers
A Bench Top Spray Booth
Micro Mill inside a Full Sized Vertical Mill
Miniature Drip Oiler for a Model Steam Engine
Determining the Drive Size of a TORX® Screw
Inexpensive Flood Coolant Pump
Quick-Connect Pneumatic Couplers
Making Piston Rings in Your Shop
Cutting Tool Offset Indicator
Milling Vise Drip Pan
Small Hand Tapping Guide
Steel Hand Stamping
More Vertical Band Saw Tips
Cross Slide Holder for Vertical Bandsaw
The Bending Strength of Tubing
Measuring Dovetails
Another welding table
Lathe Spindle Outrigger Support
Square Drive Crank from a Weldment
Horizontal Cut-Off Bandsaw Tips
Some Sharpening Jigs
Them Olden Bolts
Slip Roll
Anti-Vibration Machine Mount
Fastener Puzzler
Bandsaw Blade Tension Readout
Making of a Very Small Gear
Lathe Indicator Holder
O-Ring Bolt Retainer
Lathe Cross Slide Measuring Device
Chuck Cradle Blocks
Reversing and Dynamic Braking of Single-Phase Induction Motors

Other Publications

Radiation from a Open-Ended Wave Guide into an Imhogeneously Filled Space  (PhD Thesis)