Movable - Resizable Web Page Windows

These windows are created by javascript using the jQuery library.
Move them around by dragging the title bar.
Resize by dragging the East, SE, or South edge.
Double Click anywhere in a window to bring it to the top.
Click the  X  in the upper-right-corner to hide it.
Click a Button, Link, or Image below to show or hide its window.

  Click Toggles #2  #4 Notepad #5 

Block level tags become Movable - Resizable when they have class="movable_resizable".

A grab cursor appears over the Title Bar and window's edges during mouseover.

Drag the Title Bar to move the window around the view port.

Grab the East, SE, or South window edge to resize.

Scroll bar(s) automatically appear when needed. Scroll positions are preserved while a window is hidden.

Use CSS to set the initial location and size of the window (left, top, width, height).

Use CSS to set the minimum and maximum width and height.

Stacking order or z-index can be set with CSS. This window starts with the highest z-index of all thse on this page.

Double Click anywhere in a window to bring it to the top (z-index higher than all others).

Place the window Title Bar text in the "title" attribute of the HTML tag.

Clicking on Buttons, Links, and Images in the document with the same "name" attribute as the window's tag toggles it between show and hide.

Click  X  in the upper-right corner to hide a window.

The <HTML>

<script type="text/javascript" src="../admin/jquery-1.7.1.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../admin/movable-resizable.js"></script>
<div id="foo" name="num_1" class="movable_resizable" title="#1 - This window has a red border">The window's text goes here.</div>
<input name="num_1" type="button" value="Window #1" />


	min-width:300px; // min/max - width/height are optional, absolute min = 75px */
	position:absolute; /* must be absolute of fixed */
	background-color:#ece9d8; /* white if not specified */
	border:10px red solid;
	margin:20px; /* automatically set to zero */
	/* display:none; initially hides window */

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This icon toggles me.

I have CSS position:fixed. My location remains stationary when you scroll the main browser window.

Keep me on TOP by double clicking anywhere in my window.

This is made from a <p> rather than a <div> tag.

Almost any block level HTML tag can be made Movable-Resizable by giving it class="movable_resizable".