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Flexible Geophone 3,689,875 Self-Righting Geophone 3,810,083 System for Gathering and Recording Seismic Signals 3,886,494 Syatem for Eliminating Monochromatic Signals From Data Records 3,889,229 Wellbore Telemetry Apparatus 3,904,840 System for Transporting Seismis Energy Detectors 3,930,219 Method of Transmitting Signals from a Drill Bit to the Surface 4,001,774 Phase Difference Detector 3,963,758 Periodic Waveform Interference Eliminator 4, 059, 818 Offset Removal in an Analog to Digital Conversion System 4,590,458 Method and Apparatus for Initializing Seismic Data Storage in an Isolated Distributed Recording System 4,879,696 Method and Apparatus for Gathering Seismic Data and Selectively Controling Isolated Distributed Recorders in an Isolated Distributed Recording System 4,807,200 Simultaneous Current Injection for Measurement of Formation Resistance Through Casing 6,603,314 Dual Transmitter Multi-Capacitor Flow Meter 6,272,915 Synthetic Acoustic Array Aqusition and Processing 6,907,348